With full routing capabilities, enterprise-class switching capacity, VoIP, and integrated security, the Samsung Ubigate™ iBG Series

Convergence Platform replaces a multitude of special-purpose network devices delivering an agile and efficient network infrastructure.

The Ubigate™ iBG Series enables true enterprise voice and data convergence through a wide range of QoS features supporting both analog and IP phones.


With a wide range of features and network interfaces supported in the Ubigate™ iBG Series, Enterprise customers can meet today’s business needs and be confident that they can meet tomorrow’s without ‘forklift’ replacement of current equipment.

The Ubigate™ iBG Series includes fixed-configuration iBG1000 series and modular iBG1004 and iBG 2000/3000 Series.

The Ubigate™ iBG1004 is designed for cost-effective WAN access and Voice Services. Whether your organisation requires support for VoIP or mission-critical applications or just additional bandwidth, Ubigate™ iBG1004 can meet the challenge.