Call Recording

The goal of the call logging software is to interpret the raw CDR data and produce graphical and summarizing reports. Call logging software packages differ in the sizes of PBX systems that they can support, from hundreds of extensions to hundreds of thousands of extensions. They also differ in the capability of logging specific types of events or data and support for specialized PBX features. In general terms, call logging reports can highlight such areas as:

  • Cost Control – cost of calls, cost of trunk lines, costs      by department or individual extension, number of unused extensions, etc.      Call logging software can also discover instances of Telephone fraud.
  • Performance Management – looks at how long it is taking an      organization to answer phone calls by operator, department or extension      and demonstrates whether they meet acceptable target levels for that      organization.
  • Capacity Management – judges whether the system is being      over or under utilized. It examines trunk usage and call patterns that      show where extra capacity is required or where cost savings can be      achieved.
  • QoS Reporting – modern VoIP PBXs are      able to output quality of service data in addition to      standard CDRs. An up to date call logging package should be able to      include this data along with its other reports to help monitor and improve      system performance.

We provide an advanced suite of On-Premise and hosted Call Recording solutions that will be completely compatible with YOUR EXISTING telecoms system if required.

Our solutions offer: 

  • Instant Retrieval
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Evaluation Tools
  • Reporting Tools

All of these can be linked with existing CRM or client database systems to help supervisors, management measure agents and marketing campaign effectiveness faster and more accurately than ever before.

All require minimal training giving you the ability to instantly retrieve recordings weeks, months or even years after the recording has been made. Whether you require call recording for training (so your staff can listen to your best performers and copy them), or for industry legislation (enabling customer or supplier disputes over what was verbally agreed to become a thing of the past), we offer solutions that can call record all conversations across all your lines.

We enable off-premise hosted call recording delivery where you may select all calls recorded on a per user per month option. All recordings are securely stored remotely for your instant, simple retrieval on a no capital outlay model.