DIA Leased Lines

It is also called Web access, is accessing the Internet through a dial-up service or a dedicated direct connection. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is the connection between a company or user’s site and the Internet. Businesses through, DIA can seamlessly access Internet services such as Web browsing, Web hosting, Domain hosting, data sharing, file transfer, email, and e-business applications to efficiently perform mission-critical applications including extranets and e-commerce.

DIA is essential for organizations that host servers and require continuous Internet/Wide Area Network (WAN) connections, and organizations that require static IP addresses and Domain Name Services (DNS). Dedicated Internet Access is an ideal service for executing business applications, such as providing access to the Internet through a Local Area Network (LAN) to a Company’s employees. Traffic congestion can be considerably reduced since dedicated Internet Access is a point-to-point network connection, which is always on. Dedicated Internet Access utilizes a T1 line, Ethernet or leased lines depending on the service required and distance.

Corporate organizations can connect to the Internet Service Providers (ISP) point-to-point in a secure and reliable way by using Dedicated Internet Access services. The cost of establishing such a connection is also comparatively low. Since the DIA service is not IP-based, it is possible for businesses to connect to any ISP regardless of the distance and the location of the service provider. The major benefits of using a dedicated Internet service are optimal performance, high availability, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Data applications including Email, Internet, and Web-based applications are well supported by DIA service, thereby facilitating Enterprises with high quality Internet connectivity. Dedicated Internet Access is a global Internet access service, which is reliable and scalable. It is custom-made to meet business-critical connectivity requirements.

Dedicated Internet Access is Internet connectivity that is offered in various forms and sizes. Ranging from a (Digital Subscriber Line) DSL to a data T1 line for connectivity, Internet access is made available to businesses. A T1 line ensures a 1.5MB connection, and enables users to bond T1 data lines. A DS3 connection (45MB) is ideal for large businesses to transmit voluminous data such as video or graphics, and for many users simultaneously accessing the Internet.

Satellite data connections are the most popular of Dedicated Internet Access connections. Even though they are similar to DSL and T1 connections in terms of bandwidth, they are far more capable of providing DIA connections to customers virtually in any location without limitations. Ethernet connections, which provide between 5MB and 1000MB bandwidth, are also utilized for Dedicated Internet access, but they are specific to physical locations when compared to the other DIA types. The local loop and DIA port are the two separate components that comprise Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). The local loop is responsible for establishing the connection between the user’s physical location and the service provider. It can be ordered through the DIA provider or can be a customer’s loop acquired through regional or local exchange carriers. The DIA port is the gateway for Internet access