Enterprise WLAN


Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna (IBSA)


Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna creates an optimal RF pattern using multiple physical antennas to minimize shadow areas, enhancing the receive sensitivity by 2db or more delivering 30% greater coverage. This is particularly critical for mobile devices with typically lower transmission power.

Self Organising Network (SON)


Self Organising Network technology not only automatically adjusts the transmission power and selects channels but also optimizes cell configuration and size taking into consideration device characteristics.

Voice Aware Traffic Scheduling (VaTS)

New WLAN Vats

By using scheduling technology designed for LTE mobile communications, it is possible to increase concurrent call capacity by 50% or more by efficiently matching bandwidth to various devices.



Samsung AirMove technology applies the handover methodology used within LTE mobile communication technology to deliver seamless roaming. Timing and choice of access point is determined centrally by the APC which has a full picture of device activity and adjacent AP loading.


New WLAN AirEqualiser

Samsung AirEqualizer optimises wireless resources by applying traffic schedule technology to the AP and allocates equal airtime to multiple devices. When numerous devices concurrently connect to an AP, AirEqualizer guarantees best performance by analysing individual connection requirements, typically delivering a gain of 50% or more compared to competitors.

Highly scalable and Powerful platform

Access Point Controller-Features Page

The Samsung Access Point Controller comprises of innovative architecture that guarantees speedy network connection and minimal downtime. The controller has two 10G and eight 1G ports for network Interface which are optimized to ensure that users benefit from reliable and scalable WLAN access. Such powerful platform makes the controller ideally suited to use in mission-critical all wireless environment.

WLAN Manager: An Intuitive User Interface

WLAN Manager

The WLAN Manager solution will allow operators to check the hierarchy of the AP and APC via its intuitive user interface (UI). It is specifically designed for optimal user convenience, minimizing downtime and enhancing performance. Its UI promotes the visibility of important network events and actions, letting you judge the status of networks in a fast and effective manner.

WLAN Manager: Wired and Wireless Integrated Management

WLAN Manager Integrated Management 1

The WLAN Manager is capable of managing the Samsung iES Ethernet switches. In the case of AP failure, this manager can turn off the PoE port remotely via Samsung Ethernet Switch, rebooting instantly to minimize potential downtime. As a result, this solution serves to provide users with a more reliable network connection, making it even more suitable for applications in a wide variety of business and mission-critical environments.

WLAN Manager: Remote Monitoring

WLAN Manager remote monitoring 1

As the WLAN Manage can remotely monitor the status of wireless networks at anytime, it is possible to control from anywhere via a smartphone or another mobile device. It is able to identify and troubleshoot faults, minimizing network downtime and enhancing reliability. When the fault occurs, operators will be able to access real-time status reports and solve problems by sending error messages to the smartphone of the IT administrator