FTTM Microwave Broadband

Conventional business internet access, delivered via underground copper cables, often provides limited and asynchronous upload and download speeds. Whilst this allows for everyday tasks such as basic web browsing and downloading emails, it can be hopelessly inadequate for new cloud-based services such as online backups, VPN access and cost saving services such as Microsoft Office 365. Boundless has the answer.

The Power of our Network is Fibre to the Mast, or FTTM, which is a wireless fibre broadband service that uses state of the art microwave equipment to connect homes and businesses to a local distribution point.

Fibre Optic Technology

Fibre optic backed delivery of internet access provides the next step forward in high speed communications. Telecoms operators such as BT are now rolling out Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) services in the UK.

For many, this is great news where a fibre-enabled street cabinet happens to be closely situated to their premises. However, FTTC still uses copper cables to link premises and this is a major hurdle to any building that is more than 500m from a street cabinet.

FTTM delivers so called superfast internet where FTTC and FTTP are not available or cost effective.  It is a significantly cheaper alternative to fibre leased lines.  For high-demand users who require superfast speeds, FTTM can provide 100Mbps symetrical upload and download (which can be upgraded to even faster speeds if required).  The FTTM service is ideal for businesses that are quite some distance away from a local cabinet and need the speed to be able to work more efficiently.

How does FTTM work?

Businesses or homes that sign up to FTTM will have a small wireless transmitter installed on the outside of their premises in direct line of sight of the local distribution point. A cable is then run from the dish to a wi-fi router for residential or a business grade router for commercial installations. Significantly faster speeds will now be available to your home or business.

How can FTTM benefit my business?

If you are looking for a superfast, reliable internet solution that will not break the bank then FTTM is the service for you. Installation is not complicated and you will be connected quickly to get on with enhancing your productivity and efficiency. Faster download speeds and upload speeds means that more data can be shared and uploaded, which is ideal for businesses that upload large amounts of data to their website or send large files to customers and clients.

FTTM can usually be upgraded to a higher capacity if required without incurring huge extra costs so it can grow as your business grows and can meet the exact needs of your business